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Areas Of Practice
We are mainly assisting mid-sized foreign direct investors in the fields of corporate law, international law, real estate, labour and business law.
Corporate Law
 Mid-sized companies form the majority of our clientele and with our network of international law offices in different parts of the world we are able to assist clients in their multi jurisdictional complex issues.
Some of the main services that we provide are;
-setting up business in Turkey,
-searching for local partners/agents,
-drafting the contracts,
-SWOT analysis for our clients' investment,
Labour Law
The founders of the firm, Ms.Banu and Mr. Ilter Yilmaz has focused their practice exclusively to labour law in the early 1970’s prior to foundation of the firm. Therefore since the time that Yilmaz Law Offices was found in 1983, the firm’s leading area of practice has been labour law and the firm has been representing and consulted individual and corporate clients in labour law. Our clientele within labour law ranges from foreign corporations employing over 1,000 employees to two major universities in Istanbul. But mainly we are targeting middle sized companies.
The head of our labour law department is Ms.Rana YILMAZ.
In labour law we mainly deal with; 
-Drafting The Employment Contracts When drafting the employment contracts we avoid using standard templates. Prior to drafting we question the client in detail and prepare separate contracts for each specific group and try to minimise the risk.
- Termination of The EmploymentContracts.Since the new Labour Code came into force it became more risky and even tricky for the employers to terminate the contract. Therefore we very much recommend that the client should be consulted with utmost care during the process.
- Collective Labour Agreements Representing the clients in the negotiations of collective labour agreements against the workers union is one of our main fields since the foundation.
- General Legal Advice :We prefer to be a “team mate” with the client rather than to be communicated after the problem occurs. Therefore we try to keep the contact with the client as closed as we can.
Mergers and Acquisitions
Representing foreign clients in mergers and acquisitions is one of our core business. We mainly represent clients in the stock purchase transactions of Turkish Companies. We not only act as the legal consultants of the client but also try to build a bridge between the parties to overcome any difficulties in communication that may arise due to cultural differences. Our strong links in the international arena gives us the opportunity to set up international teams of experts and get organised very efficiently and to finalise complex international transactions.
Within this scope we ;
Perform Due Diligence,
Draft the Share Purchase and Shareholders Agreements,
Provide full assistance in Closing,
Obtain the needed licenses/permits from the competent authorities.
Real Estate
In the last decade the real estate investments started booming especially in Istanbul and the South Coasts of Turkey. We represent foreign clients in their real estate investments in Turkey. Within this scope we;
Perform the Due Diligence,
Draft the needed documents,
Represent/assist the client in the transfer of title of deed. 
Foreign Direct Investment
We provide legal assistance to mainly mid sized foreign direct investors in their investments inwards Turkey. 
Business Transactions
Our strong links in the international arena gives us the opportunity to set up international teams of experts, get organised and finalise complex international transactions very efficiently.
Agency and Distributorship
We not only provide general consultancy but draft agency and distributorship agreements for specific industries like software and retail.
General Corporate Work
We assist foreign clients in a variety of topics within business law.